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A chair. A cup of coffee. A Bible. Then add  a bit of my precious time.

At 7am, when I return from my early walk, these things are important to me.

It’s an early walk because I am normally awake around 6am and don’t seem able to lie in! I have been up and about early in the morning since I returned from living in Africa in 2006. My prompt used to be an old faithful friend, Chuba, our German Shepherd. Sadly she died nearly three years ago, and I can’t seem to shake off the need to be out walking.

Back from my walk, I need the chair to sit in! My favourite is a recycled 1950’s style chair bought as one of a pair from an upholsterer in Zimbabwe. The coffee brewed is normally of a Vietnamese type and the Bible was given to me back in 1983 by my in-laws. I also have a sheet of paper with a list of names to pray for. (I’m a sucker for lists!)

Why am I writing this? Well, when I am asked to pray for people, I normally ask them what their prayer life is like? I also get told quite a lot by folks, “I don’t really take time out to pray or read my Bible”. This I find so disappointing to hear, so many Christians don’t take time to ‘talk with their heavenly father’.

I thought I would just share with you that really it’s quite easy to do. Now the way I do it doesn’t always work for everyone. However, we can all have a go and life is less of a blur when we take time out to pray and build a relationship with Jesus.

Think of it as a 15-minute break.

Make a list of people that you are going to pray for, things to praise and thank God for and things to ask God for.

Choose a convenient time of day.

Brew a tea or coffee.

Find a suitable chair where you can sit and be comfortable. Grab your Bible, or if you’re into gadgets and you have a Bible on it, then a telephone or ipad.

Sit and read a couple of verses from the Bible.

Take a moment to thank God for a couple of the good things that has happened to you. Then pray through your list.

It really is that simple.

About the author
Mark Andrews
Mark was brought up in Hereford and arrived here in Wales in 2006 via Africa. Mark lived in Mozambique for 8 years working alongside local Pastors to establish the Apostolic Church in that nation. He is married to Julie and enjoys reading, travel and photography in his spare time.

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