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The reason we exist as a local church is to let people know the good news, that Jesus loves them and that no matter how good a life we live we still have sin in our lives. Its great to have a good social programme, its great to be able to engage with the community on different levels. The reality is there are many different groups doing effective social work and many are having more impact than the church.
The church is different. The church has an edge! The church has what no social programme can offer, and its life changing. It is the Gospel.
The Gospel is good news. However, you will never fully understand the good news of the gospel until you understand why you need rescuing.
What do we need rescuing from? Sin. Sin is rebellion against God. Sin comes from not trusting in God’s character, God’s word and God’s actions.
What is the consequence of Sin? It grieves God, It leads us away from God and ultimately cuts us off from God.

But the good news we must share is this – Jesus, through his life, death and resurrection rescued us from sin and there is a better way to live.

Our lives must mirror this wonderful truth.

About the author
Mark Andrews
Mark was brought up in Hereford and arrived here in Wales in 2006 via Africa. Mark lived in Mozambique for 8 years working alongside local Pastors to establish the Apostolic Church in that nation. He is married to Julie and enjoys reading, travel and photography in his spare time.

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