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Thought for this Week: As you may know I have been visiting SE Asia this past week. Perhaps the most precious moment of the trip was spending 2 hours with Ps. Kampeone who is 75 years old and totally on fire for God. Hearing how he started his first church[…]

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Thought for this Week: Our lives are full of struggles and challenges and we should always be monitoring our attitude towards these things, this week I want to introduce the three R’s – Revelation; Revolution; Reformation When we see something in our lives we need to address, or we hear[…]

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The plan

Thought for this Week: Family. Very often it’s a mess. It’s disruptive. It’s a happy place. It’s who we are! Family moulds us. Just like the church we choose to attend. However, going to church with other people to sit and hear a sermon or stand and sing a few[…]

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Holy Impact!

Thought for this Week: Walking with God leads to receiving his intimate counsel, writes John Eldridge, in his book Waking the Dead, and counseling leads to deep restoration. As we learn to walk with God and hear his voice, he is able to bring up issues in our hearts that[…]

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All it takes is just a few minutes!

Thought for this Week: When we wake in the morning sometimes our last thought is to take a few minutes out in order to say a prayer and read the bible. But what a heavy yoke is shattered when we wake and bring our hearts, minds and souls and all[…]

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The Cross

Thought for this Week: Brennan Manning writes in his book The Signature of Jesus, “There is a frightening preoccupation with trivia in the church today… but, Jesus demands nothing less than the placing of our own ego’s and desires on the Cross. William Penn said, ‘To be like Christ is[…]

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Thought for this Week: God wants to always keep us moving on. That can be difficult when all we want to do is just camp where we are and settle for what we have. As church we have heard the voice of God challenging us not to settle but to[…]

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Thought for this Week: Praise and Worship is what we do when we get together, right? Yes, maybe that is part of the answer. But our praise and worship should also invade our daily chores. The reason we are Christians and why we follow Jesus was never a 10% deal.[…]

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Elbow Room!

Thought for this Week: How do you prepare for the day, or week ahead? Maybe, you take a disorganized approach to life and wait to see what happens. I have got my week mapped out for this coming week. In my mind I have calculated and estimated how to fill[…]

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