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Are you aware that no matter whom you are, no matter how old you are or no matter how you feel about yourself or even what you have done in the past! The moment you give your life over to Jesus you can no longer make independent decisions. Why because[…]

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The reason we exist as a local church is to let people know the good news, that Jesus loves them and that no matter how good a life we live we still have sin in our lives. Its great to have a good social programme, its great to be able[…]

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Dangerous or degenerous?

Travelling this week in Thailand we came upon a bend with a warning sign, it read Degenerous Bend, Drive Careful! Poor spelling or Spell check, giving the wrong information again to the sign writer!? It got me thinking though about life as a Christian today. If you haven’t noticed the[…]

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Thought for this Week: On Sunday 4th June we celebrate Pentecost. It’s a Sunday when I do everything I can to be in church with my church family. Unless it’s life threatening of course I will be there this Sunday to celebrate with you. Why? Because there is something about[…]

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Thought for this Week: This week our Engage Life group discussion is all about forgiveness and how Jesus dealt with it and how he wants us to deal with it. In a week where a bomber blew himself along with 22 children, young people and adults up in Manchester it’s[…]

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Thought for this Week: Are you too busy? Do you feel like everything is getting out of control and you are losing perspective of what really is important in your life? Maybe its time to take a moment and reevaluate. Too often Communion with God is replaced by activity for[…]

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Thought for this Week: Summer is here! As we are enjoying the lighter evenings, the bird chorus seems clearer in the mornings, the sun is shining, and we can get out more. Lets just relax and enjoy God’s creation that little bit more than usual this coming week. Verse for[…]

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Thought for this Week: Jesus was a man of authority (eg Luke 4:32). Where you and I are concerned in our Christian walk no greater concept exists than the authority of Jesus Christ. This authority was ultimately contested on the cross and the act of death was more than sacrificial[…]

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Thought for this Week: One of the incredible abilities of Jesus was to stay on target. His life never got off track. He kept his life on course. As Jesus looked across the horizon of his future, he could see many targets. Many flags were flapping in the wind, each of[…]

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Thought for this Week: It’s nearly Easter, and our opportunity to splurge on chocolate, especially if we have given up the substance made from the theobroma cacao seed during Lent! Easter though is much more than chocolate but we can use this precious time of the Christian calendar to reflect,[…]

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