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Elbow Room!

Thought for this Week: How do you prepare for the day, or week ahead? Maybe, you take a disorganized approach to life and wait to see what happens. I have got my week mapped out for this coming week. In my mind I have calculated and estimated how to fill[…]

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Make the most of the people you love.

Thought for this Week: At the beginning of this year I shared four suggestions for possible NY resolutions in 2017, they were as follows: Suggestion 1: Show Jesus you are for real! Suggestion 2: Commit to be consistent in your commitment to the church. Suggestion 3: Make the most of[…]

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Thought for this Week: It has been a while since I put some thoughts down in the church blog, my resolution is to be good and post a thought for every week of this year. I am trusting it will be an encouragement! You are not alone in your walk[…]

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Garden As I look out of the window into my garden I see a robin, several bluetits, two sparrows and a goldfinch all gorging themselves on the nuts and birdseed placed in the hanging bird feeders so temptingly filled to the brim for them. Perched on the fence two blackbirds[…]

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It sometimes seems that I spend half of my waking hours disappointed. I live in this world where it becomes shrouded in a mist of disappointment when others let me down and disappointment when I let myself down. As a believer do I ever consider what are God’s expectations of[…]

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A chair. A cup of coffee. A Bible. Then add  a bit of my precious time. At 7am, when I return from my early walk, these things are important to me. It’s an early walk because I am normally awake around 6am and don’t seem able to lie in! I have[…]

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If you are reading this then you have found our new website! Welcome. You will have noticed a new name, new identity but the old message! We want to be a church that first, serves God. We know God and love Him through our relationship with Jesus Christ and we[…]

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